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The value of professional Images

The value of professional Images

When choosing a service, we will look at the images on the website or social media pages, to see want the business it selling or offering. Dark, blurred or unclear images, just put me straight off. In my eyes if a business be it a large business or small cottage industry business, it makes no difference, if you as a business owner holds little importance in showing your skills or wares to the best of their abilities, then I do not feel that I am getting a good service, more of a slapdash, corner-cutting, that will do service.

I received a call from Love is in the hair, I knew initially that Sab held her businesses in high regard. To request high-resolution images showing each and every detail, to use on her website and social media, not many artists would want their work looked at so closely. She is very professional, and her hair styling is out of this world, I could see she was deeply passionate about her skills. The care and love she puts into each and every customer, make them not only look beautiful but feel beautiful.

Becky asked me to take some detailed professional images of her exceptional makeup artistry. Requesting high-resolution pictures to show each and every detail. I knew then that Becky was very confident in her abilities, as a makeup artist. Not many would have their work looked at so closely on social media, preferring to use dark blurry images. She is very passionate about making her clients look and feel amazing, she does this with a friendly, kind and professional approach.

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